• Royal College of Art Battersea

    Royal College of Art Battersea

    “Punctual, polite, well priced, offering a great service and product range! Couldn’t recommend Sealed Tight Solutions any higher, what more can you ask for?”

  • Scarborough Hospital

    Scarborough Hospital

    “It was a great decision to use Sealed Tight Solution for this project. Very professional service at a reasonable price, would definitely use them again”

  • Great Minster

    Great Minster

    “If you’re looking for the best company to supply your secure door and window needs, look no further then STS. We can’t see how many one can beat them for price and or service.”

  • 190-Strand


  • Anfield Stadium

    Anfield Stadium

  • Chelsea Creek

    Chelsea Creek

  • Dumfries and Galloway Hospitald

    Dumfries and Galloway Hospital

  • Lillie Square

    Lillie Square

  • Sunderland Royal Hospital

    Sunderland Royal Hospital

  • Yeomans Row

    Yeomans Row

  • 4 cannon street

    4 Cannon Street

  • 4 cannon street

    Alexandra Palace Theatre

  • Bloomsbury theatre

    Bloomsbury Theatre

  • carisbrooke college

    Carisbrooke College

  • Durham trinity school & sports college

    Durham Trinity School & Sports College

  • Rushcliffe arena

    Rushcliffe Arena

  • University of Northampton

    University Of Northampton

  • 70 St Mary Axe

    70 St Mary Axe

  • Barts Square

    Barts Square

  • Imperial College

    Imperial College

  • St James The Corniche

    St James The Corniche

  • The Stratford Hotel

    The Stratford Hotel

  • Vintry Mercer Hotel

    Vintry Mercer Hotel

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