Welcome to Sealed Tight Solutions.

Our remit is simple. We offer a complete range of quality, fully-tested intumescent, smoke and acoustic products.
What makes us unique however, is our range of consultation services to help fully-enable the most demanding design, build and test programmes.

Whether you manufacture door or doorsets or manage a joinery and/or carpentry company, you can harness our technical and practical knowhow. To ensure your assemblies comply with the latest legislative and regulatory standards call us NOW to discuss how we can streamline your product testing, design and build programmes. Save TIME. Save MONEY.

For Timber Doors & Doorsets
We offer a wide range of high performance, high-quality intumescent seals in both standard and non-standard sizes, colours and finishes. All products in our range are tested to both FD30 or FD60 integrity depending on the performance required.

For uPVC & Composite Doorsets
Our unique, flexible, intumescent is now available to the UK market. It is the only fully-tested, flexible intumescent suitable for use as a fire-rated, perimeter seal in uPVC framing systems. These products come on a coil and are easy to fit and easy to trim. Your workforce only use what they need so: NO WASTE!

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